Our quality minded and service driven approach is maintained in all project categories by making standard adjustments to our production process and coating specifications, ensuring we can always meet our customers' expectations within budget.  We deliver value on every job.

Our Story

Provenance Painting is a full service painting company specializing in top quality residential projects done right from start to finish.  Established in January 2013 by Owner & Operator, Alex Johnston, Provenance Painting has been busy ever since delivering quality paint jobs and building its business through an ongoing referral network of satisfied customers.

Unlike many painting contractors Provenance Painting is a true company preferring employment over sub-contracts.  Our team is made up of dedicated employees who are committed to and rewarded for the delivery of a quality paint job.  With full WSIB Coverage and Active Clearance at all times, as well as $5,000,000 in Liability Insurance, our employees are appreciated and protected.  We take great pride in the work we do, respect our customers and aim to build a working relationship with them that will last a lifetime.

Our Team

Alex on site.

Alex Johnston, Owner & Operator

Alex's first introduction to painting was over 20 years ago as a successful painting franchise owner in the Forrest Hill and Annex neighbourhoods of Toronto.  As a franchisee he was provided with intensive introductory training on the technical aspects of painting and common paint failures, as well as customer service and quality assurance.  Alex built on this strong foundation over the next few years painting hundreds of residential exteriors for discerning customers.  Alex then moved on to his own private company where he transitioned into interior painting.  The more technically demanding area of exterior painting provided a solid base for this expansion of services.  Over the years Alex has gained further hands on experience in wood staining and varnishing, paint spraying, power washing and deck finishing.  In addition to his time as a painter Alex has had a rewarding career as a Red Seal Certified Chef.

Cody on the move.


Cody joined the Provenance Painting team in early 2014 as a Painter.  Working alongside Owner & Operator, Alex Johnston, Cody learned first hand the technical skills and high standards required of the company.  Since then he has successfully worked his way up to the position of Lead Painter.  His dedication, organization and reliability are what set him apart.  Working on many new construction and renovation projects Cody coordinates our painting team and ensures production is on schedule and to standard.  Cody has a background in Design and Communications as well as being an active song-writer and musician.


Our team of professional painters, drywall tapers and wallpaper hangers are some of the best in the business.  You will be hard pressed to find a more polite, affable, creative and trustworthy group of guys.  Having them on your project will leave you at ease and confident that the job is being done right.